Cadets Returning by Bus from GT

For cadets returning from camp this week, the following arrival times have been provided.  All buses will arrive at Empire Theatres (formerly AMC) in front of Chuck E. Cheese (the same place we met to send the cadets off to camp).

Buses will arrive in Whitby on Friday, July 18th as follows:

  • Trenton (TACSTC) at 2:55 pm
  • Blackdown at 2:55 pm
  • HMCS ONT at 4:20 pm


Summer Camp Information

For those heading off to a Cadet Summer Training Course (CSTC) this week. All the information you should need, if you don’t already have it, is available below.  However, if you do have any further questions, please email Major Howie at:

To Board the Bus to Camp:
You need to have the following to board the bus:

  • Original Health Card.
  • The CADET TRANSPORTATION FORM (click to download a copy).
  • Your Signed Offer of Participation.  You may have obtained this at the Camp Information Night.  If not, Major Howie will have your form for you before you board the bus.

Note:  The Signed Offer of Participation will be handed in upon arrival for a Cadet Summer Training Course (CSTC).  If the cadet does not have their transportation form, signed offer and health card, the cadet may not be allowed to board the bus.

Travel Instructions:
Major Howie provided cadets who have camp offers with their travel instructions, either at the Information Night or via a phone call.  If you do not have your travel instructions, please contact Major Howie at:

What to take to camp:
Please read your CSTC Specific Kit List closely (especially DCIC candidates).  In each of the specific kits there are some addition forms you may need: Personal Articles Log,   OTC (Over The Counter) / Prescribed Medication, Transportation Form, Leave Consent and Parental Direction, and Rules of Conduct – Course Cadets.

CSTC Specific Kit Lists:

Blackdown CSTC
Connaught CTSC
Trenton CSTC

Please use common sense as well (even thought it does not say insect repellant for Blackdown, it is highly recommend that it is packed for any Survival course).

Pack as many Dark Blue T-shirts as you have, they are worn every day (even under combats issued at Blackdown).

Under “Shorts, athletic”, it states to purchase, that is for you to do before you leave, they are not available to purchase at the CSTC.  It is recommend mid thigh length or they may be confiscated (if they are too short).  Your previously issued grey PT shorts are still applicable during summer training under this kit list item if you wish to take them.  Same above applies for “Shoes, athletic”

Kit Bags:  Please make sure your name and squadron is clearly marked on your kit bag.

Laundry Service: is provided free of charge in Trenton and Connaught.   Blackdown Cadets have to wash their own clothes (start training now).

Water Bottles: are not required for Blackdown and Connaught since these are Army Cadet Camps so all cadets are issued Combat Clothes, Belts and Canteens.

Be Warned:  Anything not on the KIT LIST may be confiscated upon arrival and not returned to you until the night before graduation.

Has your contact info changed?

Major Howie is currently contacting each cadet directly about their summer camp travel instructions. While doing this he has found several cadets that have changed their contact information and not provided updates to the unit.

If you have changed your contacts (home, cell, office numbers or email address) please let the unit know ASAP, by email:  It is your camp opportunity that we are calling about!  It could be travel instructions, or it could be a camp offer.


Have a Great Summer

The 2 VandenBos Squadron Sponsoring Committee would like to take a moment to wish all of our cadets and families a happy and safe summer.

It has been a great year at 2 VandenBos.  The cadets have excelled in many ways and a big part is the support they get from the entire community.

A BIG Thank You goes out to all who continue to support this program.

Thank You to all of our great volunteers who give so much of their time willingly.
Thank you to the families who have assisted in many ways this past year.
Thank You to the staff who are there to ensure the cadets succeed.

We wish you all a great summer and look forward to seeing you in the fall.

2 VandenBos SSC

Breaking Boundaries

Breaking Boundaries was held on Sunday, May 4th, 2014 at the 420 Wing.  Attended by approximately 30 cadets from 2 VandenBos and 172 Bowmanville, this first-time event featured 3 speakers, talking to the cadets about the unique challenges they have faced and are facing, that most of us don’t see in everyday life. The challenges and stories these speakers shared were very enlightening, and a step in spreading awareness and making our community a better place.

Ashley, David and Danielle

Ashley, David and Danielle

As this was a first-time event, and the first time most had attended an event anything like this, no one was sure what to expect.  But speakers and cadets alike had ‘more fun than they expected’.  The speakers captured the attention of the cadets with their stories, and questions from the cadets generated further discussion and understanding.


We were honoured to meet our speakers, Danielle and her mom Susan (Little People of Ontario), David (Wounded Warriors), and Ashley, who helped inspire this event.  We thank you all for spending the day with the cadets, sharing your stories and challenges, and we look forward to doing more together in the future, with you and with your organizations.


Also, thanks to the 420 Wing for the use of their wonderful facility.  It was perfect for this event.  Thanks also to the volunteers from 2 VandenBos and from the 420 Wing that helped with this event.

And finally, Congratulations to WO2 Frost who presented the idea for this event to the 2 VandenBos Staff and Sponsoring Committee several months ago, and after many emails, phone calls, and discussions, pulled this very successful event together.

Speakers with the Cadets

What is a Squadron Activity?

As a notice to parents and guardians on the status of what is a Squadron Activity and what is not.

An activity that is approved by the Squadron has also been approved at our next level of Command for insurance purposes. Each of these activities includes at least one Squadron staff, or more, depending upon the number of cadets anticipated to be involved with the event.

Our normal venues are all documented on the Squadron Web page at and are also included in both the weekly email notices and the Squadron online calendar  With this you will notice that not one single persons home is listed as a valid location of a Squadron activity.

This being said, the purpose of this notice is not to stop cadets from getting together as friends outside of cadets but to ensure parents and guardians are aware of what is and is not a Squadron Activity, i.e. properly supervised cadet activity that is insured and what is just a private get together that is not covered by Military Supervision and League insurance.

In the instance of people who are affiliated with cadets getting together outside of a Squadron activity, the Squadron assumes no responsibility for either supervision of the event or any insurable event that may occur as a result of said event.  Any insurable event that occurs would be between the participants and the landlord of the property or others involved and will exclude the Air Cadet League, DND, Squadron and Staff.

Parents being told that an activity is a Squadron activity that does not fall in line with the above parameters are encouraged to call the Squadron phone at 905-243-8001 for any clarification.

The purpose, as I said before, is not to stop people from getting together but to provide parents and guardians with information to allow them, with their child, to make their own decision on the supervision and insurance available for the event that they have chosen to attend and the Squadron is not sponsoring.

Major Ian Howie
Commanding Officer
2 VandenBos Whitby RC(Air)CS