Welcome New Recruits!

Thank you to all the new families that came out to learn about the 2 VandenBos program on Friday evening.  It was wonderful to see the space overflowing with interest and enthusiasm.  We were pleased to see a few cadets out to activities this week and look forward to seeing more!

Please bring the necessary identification (see the Join Us page for requirements & links) and see Capt. Hutchuk on Friday at the Hangar if you’ve not already completed your registration.  Plan also to join the cadets for the evening and be part of your 1st parade.   Dress for Friday parade nights is black shoes & pants, white shirt and black tie.

If you missed the meeting, it’s not too late.  Come to the Hangar this Friday @ 6:45pm and you can be registered.    For questions in advance, feel free to send a message through the 2 VandenBos Air Cadets (Official) facebook page or to ihowie@2VandenBos.org.

Thanks Joy and Shelley for allowing us to capture a couple of our newest recruits and to Major Howie, SSC Co-Chair Michelle Hiltz and SSC member Tehmina Peshimam for sharing your knowledge in the program. Enjoy!