There’s a new CO in town!

Friday night’s parade was a memorable evening recognizing 2 strong leaders in the presence of special guests, family, friends, and cadets as they transferred the honor and responsibility of Commanding Officer from one to another.

The evening started with a little trepidation from the Officers getting ready to march on parade.  For some it had been awhile!  The squadron formed up in special fashion as the outgoing CO, Major Howie, led the March Past before presenting his mom, also in attendance, with flowers.

The reviewing officer for the evening was Major Blight who led the inspection while the band played Eye of the Tiger and later went on to say “Thank you Major Howie for being the leader for one of the top squadrons in Durham and who, under your leadership developed a diverse program that earned the squadron the George Moir trophy”. The incoming Commanding Officer, Major Burns, was spoken of equally highly by Major Blight when she said ‘He (Maj. Burns) has proven he has a strong track record and will meet the challenge with enthusiasm. I expect nothing but excellence.’

Major Burns expressed his appreciation for the surprise attendance of his 1st Commanding Officer, LCol (ret) Ted Gilbert and recognized the strong support of the community with their attendance as well as the parents, staff and cadets.  Major Burns reminisced about his family, one daughter’s passion for cadets and the other’s ‘not really my thing’ while boasting about his grandson’s participation in cadets – even if it army.  He went on to remind us that the squadron is successful because we respect each other.  Major Burns ended with a reminder for all cadets, including the newest recruits, to “Always look for the good.”

Congratulations and thank you to both Commanding Officers for their commitment and leadership and for all that they have contributed in the past, present and future.  Welcome Major Burns as the Commanding Officer for 2 VandenBos Whitby Air Cadets.