Activities: Week of November 20

Hi everyone,  hope you had a nice weekend and enjoyed the first glimpses of snow.  Luckily the weather held off for our road clean up on Saturday.   The cadets did some good service, enjoyed some fresh air and had lots of laughs.   Thanks to all that participated.

Here’s some things you need to know for this week:

Summer Camp & National camp applications are due November 25!!!!  Applications were handed out at training night on Nov. 11.  If you did not receive one or have questions, please contact 2Lt Farid or OCdt Davidson.  If you do not have a copy or need a new one, see the previous post with links for printing and information.

New cadets … There are a few that have not completed all of your paperwork.  If it’s not processed, you will not be able to graduate.  Please see Capt. Hutchuk to provide the missing information.  If you’re unsure if it’s you, check in with Capt. Hutchuk or OCdt Davidson.

Raffle Tickets & Draw … the draw is coming up quickly – this Friday, Nov, 25!!  Amazing prizes, great benefits to the cadets.  Contact the SSC if you need to get tickets for your or your family & friends.  Let’s make sure we max out the potential and sell all 500 tickets!

Activities for this week include: 
  • Monday, Nov. 21, 7pm-9pm:  Debate & Effective Speaking at the Hangar
  • Tuesday, Nov. 22, 6:30pm-9pm:  Amica Performance.  Meet at 200 Kenneth Hobbs.
  • Wednesday, Nov. 23, 7pm-9pm:  Supply night at the Hangar.
  • Wednesday, Nov. 23, 7pm-9pm:  Drill Team at the Hangar.
  • Wednesday, Nov. 23, 7pm-9pm: Ground School (Nat’l Camp qualified cadets)
  • Wednesday, Nov. 23, 6:30pm-9pm:  Slice of Life for cadets that signed up.
  • Thursday, Nov. 24, 7pm-9pm:  Range night at the hangar.  No sign up needed.
  • Friday, Nov. 25, 6:45pm-9:30pm:  Sports night at Donald A. Wilson, Sports attire, water bottles
  • Saturday, Nov. 26, Band at Pickering Parade & Chartwell performance.
Additional Reminders:
–  Tri-Service dance is Dec. 9.  Tickets are now on sale.  Cost is $25/person.
–  2VandenBos will march in the Whitby Santa Claus parade on Saturday, Dec. 3.  All cadets should plan to attend.