Activities: Week of November 27

Last week was a fantastic week of activities for the cadets.  Above & beyond the regular great programs, the band performed at Amica for an overflowing room of residents, marched in the Pickering parade and performed at the Chartwell Retirement residence.  Cadets also attended the Slice of Life to help Rotary host the tables with special speakers talking about living in the world of AIDS/HIV.  Both events were profound and rewarding in their own way.

Friday night was full of fun with the sports night and our raffle.  Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to the SSC who spearheaded the fundraising opportunity and to all of the parents, friends and family who purchased or sold tickets.  More communication on that to follow!

Some highlights for the upcoming week include:

Shiny Boot Award:   Are your boots shining so that you can almost see your reflection?  If they are, you may be the recipient of the 1st Shiny Boot award.  Make your best effort to get your boots shiny.  If you need help reach out to your flight commander or ask a senior to show you how.  Check out Capt Hutchuk’s as an example to follow!

New Recruit Information Night:  Invite your friends to learn more about the program.  All youth 12+ are invited to attend at Donald A. Wilson @ 7pm on Dec. 2.

Recruit Graduation:  this will be an exciting time to see our fall 2016 recruits graduate on Dec. 2 and formally welcome them to 2 VandenBos squadron.  All are welcome to attend!

Departure with Dignity Ceremony:  a special ceremony with presentations to be held also on Dec. 2.

DRPS Toy Drive:  Cadets are invited to bring new toys, not wrapped, to training nights from 2 Dec to 16 Dec.  See Sgt Cook if you have questions.

Summary of this weeks Activities:

  • Monday, Nov. 28, 7pm-9pm:  Debate & Effective Speaking at the Hangar.
  • Tuesday, Nov. 29, 6:30pm-9pm:  Band practice at the Hangar.
  • Wednesday, Nov. 30, 7pm-9pm:  Supply night at the Hangar.
  • Wednesday, Nov. 30, 7pm-9pm:  Drill Team at the Hangar.
  • Wednesday, Nov. 30, 7pm-9pm: Ground School (Nat’l Camp qualified cadets)
  • Thursday, Dec. 1, 7pm-9pm:  Range night at the hangar for cadets that signed up.
  • Friday, Dec. 2, 6:45pm-9:30pm:  Parade, New Recruit info. night, Recruit graduation at Donald A. Wilson and Departure with Dignity ceremony.  C1 dress, uniforms pressed & well turned out, boots shining.
  • Saturday, Dec. 3:  All cadets to attend the Whitby Santa Claus parade.  Meet up details to follow.
  • Saturday, Dec. 3:  Band will participate in the Port Perry parade later in the day.  Details to follow.

Please also pay attention below … there is a lot in the upcoming weeks! 

  • Dec. 8 will be training night at the Hangar since the Tri-Service will be on Dec. 9
  • Dec. 9 is the Tri-Service dinner & dance. Friday, Dec. 2 is the last night to get your tickets.  Cost is $25/person.  See Sgt Sampson.
  • Dec. 16 will be a Mess dinner at 420 Wing.  Dress is mess dress, if possible.  A refundable $10 deposit will be collected 2 Dec and 8 Dec to be returned to the cadet that attend.  It will be a great opportunity to learn the mess traditions associated with the mess dinner.
  • Dec. 23 regular training is cancelled.  Enjoy the holidays!
  • Cadets can sign up for Power famil for $15.  Please provide payment to the SSC. Flights will be scheduled based on pilot availability & weather conditions.
  • All cadets need to pick up their lotto books and start to return their stubs for the draw.