Cadet Activities – Parents please read.

As the holiday season approaches, it seems prudent to me as Commanding Officer to make sure that we all know what is and is not a cadet activity.  This time of year is well known for ‘informal’ gatherings that are not cadet activities but that often have teens who happen to be cadets attending.

In brief, to be an authorized activity it must be approved by me – there are several things I consider before allowing an activity but I won’t bore you with those details – and must be supervised by an officer (or CI while being paid).  CVs may assist in running authorized activities but will never be in charge without an officer present.  We publish all activities on the website.

Sometimes a bunch of teens who know one another through cadets may get together to go the cinemas, or just visit at one anothers’ homes.  These are not cadet activities and will not necessarily have an adult chaperone.  Even if there is a chaperone there is no guarantee that the adult has been through a screening process to supervise youth.

I’m past the having teens in cadets stage, but I do have three grandkids in cadets (1 army cadet and 2 air cadets) and if they were living with me and they said something like: “We’re having a boot shining party at Sergeant Bloggins’ house” my antennae would be on high alert that the operative word is PARTY.  There’s no way that this would be an approved activity (it’s at the home of another cadet – we simply don’t allow that).  Of course, you’re free as a parent to say it’s ok for your son or daughter to attend but please know this has nothing to do with our Squadron.

On that same point, feel free to ask your son or daughter who the adult staff member in charge will be.  I want our members to have a great time enjoying their teenager years as I did but I want to be absolutely certain that parents understand what constitutes a cadet versus non-cadet activity.  Feel free to discuss this matter with me or any of my officers if you have any questions.

Major Garry Burns