‘Remind’; Subscribe to stay connected!

The Squadron is introducing REMIND as a new official method of communications to help people stay in touch with general communications, main activities and at a team or program level.  REMIND will complement the communications from our website https://2vandenbos.wordpress.com/ and our facebook page 2 VandenBos Whitby Air Cadet Squadron (Official)  which are great but not always accessible from school, work, etc.

REMIND will allow for quick, simple, timely updates in a text or email but with a security provided by having assigned administrators and without having to release phone numbers.  The REMIND app is the same used by many of the schools for you to receive information so some may already be familiar with it.  More information about the tool can be found at https://www.remind.com/features/.

We have organized REMIND with two main levels of messages as follow:

1. For all cadets, staff, parents:  The first is the Sqn level message that will carry messages that are important to all about parade nights and other general activities.  To subscribe you can use the link below. (For reference, our class code is @2vanden.)  Our messages will be short as REMIND has a limit of 140 characters.  We will also be providing links to documents for longer messages.

2.  Program or team level:  If you are involved in one of these teams you will also want to subscribe to receive updates.  The links are as follows:

As always the Sqn Calendar is updated with our activities. https://2vandenbos.wordpress.com/calendar/

As with anything new there may be some unanticipated bumps that we’ll work through together.  Let your program lead know if you’re experiencing any challenges.

Thanks for working with us as we strive to make improvements!