2017 Lord Strathcona Trust Fund Medal

We are now in the process of accepting applications for the 2017 Lord Strathcona Trust Fund Medal.
Selection Criteria 

The recipient must have a complete knowledge of the activities of the cadet movement and have:

  1.  a high level of physical fitness;
  2.  attended at least one summer training course of at least three weeks;
  3.  qualified and completed level 3 of the Air Cadet Training Program;
  4.  met all requirements of their sqn’s mandatory training program and attended at least 85% of  the scheduled training parade nights in the year of nomination;
  5.  completed a minimum of three years as a cadet; and
  6.  be regarded by peers and supervisors as exemplifying the model cadet.

If you feel that one of the senior cadets meets the criteria for this award, please write a brief (no more than one page) note and give a copy to either Bill Rankin or Lt Erdelyi this coming Friday night, January 20, 2017 so that we can add your input to staff feedback to help the nominating committee make their decision.  In particular if you feel that there are any Flight Corporals or Sergeants who ought to be nominated, that would be very helpful. 

Thank you.