I registered our Squadron as a Duke of Edinburgh Award participating organization last week and followed up with a meeting of eligible cadets Friday night at the end of our regular parade night.  It’s a super program open to 14 to 25 year olds.  Rather than trying to describe this, if you’re remotely or totally interested please check the following website:  http://www.dukeofed.org

For those who already know you want to get going, our Squadron can be found by looking under Eastern Ontario (not Central Ontario).  Remember, if you’re under 18 your parents need to be involved as there is a $31.00 registration fee which must be paid as part of the registration process.

If you need any info you can’t find on the website, please send me a note or just ask when we see one another around the unit.

The wonderful thing about this independent Award program is that it will not require you to do much more work above and beyond what you already do in air cadets.  I encourage all of my cadets aged 14 and older and my staff aged 25 and younger to take part.

Major Garry Burns
DofE Award Leader