I’m very proud of all our teams and their leaders.  Competition was very stiff this year and I know our cadets did their best so while no trophies were brought home, I’m sure our whole Squadron will want to join with me in declaring all those who competed as being winners.  We received very positive feedback on the performances of both the Drill Team and the Band and were given a few pointers to work on for next year.

  • Our Military Band placed 4th out of 11 bands competing

  • Our Drum Major placed 3rd out of 11 drum majors competing

  • Our Drill Team Without Arms placed 8th out of 16 teams competing

  • Our Drill Team Captain placed 9th out of 16 competing.

Again, my sincere congratulations to all who took part in these competitions.  I am looking forward to hearing from our Effective Speaking and Debate representatives competing this weekend.  This will complete our 2016 training year competitions and I look forward to then focusing on preparations for our Annual Ceremonial Review on Saturday 3 June.

Major Garry Burns
Commanding Officer
2 VandenBos Whitby Squadron
Royal Canadian Air Cadets