Young Eagle Volunteers – Thank you!

The following message was shared with OCdt Podesta for Saturday’s volunteers:

A huge thank you all the volunteers who came to the airport yesterday to help at the Young Eagles Rally!  We flew almost 200 boys and girls!

The weather cooperated! The rain started just as we whisked the canopy off the second tent!

I received many thank yous from parents and kids at the event and then last night I received this wonderful email:

Dear Lesley,

I would like to send a heart felt thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who made it possible for my Grandson Ronnie to take part in the Young Eagles Flight today. It was his first time in a plane and he enjoyed every second of the experience. Pilot Jamie did an amazing job giving the 3 boys an experience they will always remember. Thank you to everyone for giving their time and planes to make this wonderful experience take place for so many children.

Susan B.

We could not put it better ourselves,
Lesley and Jeff