In 2003, a new air cadet unit was formed to serve the needs of the Whitby community for a local squadron. 2 VandenBos Whitby began, named after former Air Cadet and Snowbird Captain Michael VandenBos.

Since then, our squadron has grown to over 100 cadets and provides the opportunity for youth to participate in activities such as sports, aviation training, band, debating & effective speaking, rifle shooting, and so much more.

Check out the documents below for even more history on Captain M. VandenBos and #2 Squadron!

2 VandenBos History
Captain Michael VandenBos Biography
VandenBos Article – Bob Robert
VandenBos Article – Stan Taylor

Squadron Warrant Officers

Past to Present

WO2 Katie MacDonald Sep 2003 to Jan 2004
WO2 Andrew Irvine Jan 2004 to Jun 2004
WO2 Mark Walker Jun 2004 to Feb 2005
WO2 Stephanie Forbes Feb 2005 to Apr 2005
WO1 Nick Erdelyi Apr 2005 to Jun 2006
WO1 Alex Black Nov 2006 to May 2007
WO1 Morgan Cadenhead May 2007 to Dec 2008
WO2 George Sun Jan 2009 to Jun 2010
WO1 Nick Spence-Yacub Jun 2010 to Jun 2011
WO1 Danielle Andela Nov 2011 to Jun 2012
WO1 Michael Abu-Halagah Oct 2012 to Dec 2012
WO1 Catherine Rankin Jan 2013 to Jun 2013
WO1 Ben Czuczman Nov 2013 to Nov 2014
WO1 Connor McAlinden Nov 2014 to Jun 2015
WO1 Alex Kalogerakis Nov 2015 to Jun 2016