2017 Spring Tagging Schedule

Cadets have selected their spring tagging shifts in the past few weeks. Below is a link to display what they have signed up for so far.  Changes that have been made since Fri 24 March have not been updated to this list yet.



Battle of Britain Parade

This Sunday afternoon the Sqn will be out in support of the 420 Wing Royal Canadian Air Force Association. We will be marching in their parade of remembrance at the Oshawa Airport on the South Side. 1230 to 1600 (1000 Stevenson Rd. N. Oshawa, Ontario L1J 5P5). The dress is full uniform with tunic and tie.

We will hold a short practice and then participate in their march across the south side of the airport to the Sabre for the ceremony. This will be followed by a short reception for the veterans at the 420 Wing. While we are welcome to come in for a pop while we wait for our rides we should arrange for a pick up shortly after the parade.  Community Service hours are applicable.

Friday Admin Night

This Friday the Sqn will be at the hangar in summer dress 1830 to 2130. Those with uniform issues please bring in clean washed items for exchange.

We also need you to update your address and phone numbers as some lost out on summer opportunities as the numbers we have are no longer in service.

Cadets with supply issues for exchange should wear their Sqn T Shirt and khakis for the night.

This is also a reminder that close toe shoes are needed as we are in a working environment and will also be doing drill during the evening.

Feedback, Questions or Concerns from Cadets

Do you wish to provide feedback or have a question or a concern that needs to be addressed regarding your time in Cadets? Your feedback is important to us and there are a number of ways to have your voice heard:

Option 1 – Talk to an adult staff member at your Corps or Squadron. They are best equipped to help you out!

Option 2 – Talk to your parents or guardians and have them book an appointment to see your Commanding Officer if you don’t believe that things are getting better.

Option 3 – Either you, your parents or your guardians can contact the Regional Cadet Support Unit (RCSU). Their contact information is located by province at http://www.cadets.ca/en/contact-us.page.

Option 4 – If you are still having trouble finding someone to talk to or feel that your points need to be heard at the national level, you can contact us online by using our feedback form at http://www.cadets.ca/en/feedback.page. Remember, we can’t get in touch with you for more information or to let you know what steps we’ve taken to address your feedback, questions or concerns if you don’t provide us your contact information. However, you are able to send anonymous submissions.

We also have a presence on social media, and you can contact us through Facebook or Twitter to provide feedback or address questions or concerns. A list of our social media channels is available at www.cadets.ca/en/stay-connected.page.

Cadets, parents and community stakeholders are encouraged to provide feedback in whatever way and platform they choose and we are working on ways to facilitate discussion through a variety of methods including social media. Using any of the options available through the CCO will ensure your comments are heard by program leadership and allow us to provide information and confirmation back.  We want to hear from you and know what you’re thinking. We’re listening!

CCO Canadian Cadet Organizations

What is a Squadron Activity?

As a notice to parents and guardians on the status of what is a Squadron Activity and what is not.

An activity that is approved by the Squadron has also been approved at our next level of Command for insurance purposes. Each of these activities includes at least one Squadron staff, or more, depending upon the number of cadets anticipated to be involved with the event.

Our normal venues are all documented on the Squadron Web page at https://2vandenbos.wordpress.com/squadron-locations/ and are also included in both the weekly email notices and the Squadron online calendar  https://2vandenbos.wordpress.com/calendar/.  With this you will notice that not one single persons home is listed as a valid location of a Squadron activity.

This being said, the purpose of this notice is not to stop cadets from getting together as friends outside of cadets but to ensure parents and guardians are aware of what is and is not a Squadron Activity, i.e. properly supervised cadet activity that is insured and what is just a private get together that is not covered by Military Supervision and League insurance.

In the instance of people who are affiliated with cadets getting together outside of a Squadron activity, the Squadron assumes no responsibility for either supervision of the event or any insurable event that may occur as a result of said event.  Any insurable event that occurs would be between the participants and the landlord of the property or others involved and will exclude the Air Cadet League, DND, Squadron and Staff.

Parents being told that an activity is a Squadron activity that does not fall in line with the above parameters are encouraged to call the Squadron phone at 905-243-8001 for any clarification.

The purpose, as I said before, is not to stop people from getting together but to provide parents and guardians with information to allow them, with their child, to make their own decision on the supervision and insurance available for the event that they have chosen to attend and the Squadron is not sponsoring.

Major Ian Howie
Commanding Officer
2 VandenBos Whitby RC(Air)CS