Camp Returns – Bus Details for July 28!

Hi everyone,  more reunions with returning cadets will happen this Friday, July 28 at the LandMark Theater Whitby 24 – 75 Consumers Drive (south east corner of parking lot by Chucky Cheese & Hockey Life)

Timings based on location are the following:

Trenton CTC 
Fri 28 Jul 2017 15:50
Blackdown CTC
Fri 28 Jul 2017 16:45
Connaught CTC 
Fri 28 Jul 2017 18:30

GT Cadets – Returning bus details

We have our first cadets returning from GT (General Training) from Trenton on Friday:

Please plan to meet them per the following:

Time:  15:10

Location:  AMC Whitby 24 – 75 Consumers Drive (south east corner of parking lot by Chucky
Cheese & Hockey Life)

CTC Summer Graduation & Wings Parades 2017

Hope your summer is going well!  For parents with cadets attending summer camps, there are graduation ceremonies that you are welcome to attend if available.  Dates & times for each course are outlined below.

Note:  We do not have any cadets currently attending Serial B.

CTC Summer Graduation & Wings Parade Schedule

While not anticipated, the schedule is posted and can be checked for changes at:  poste

Summer Camp Departure Times

Itinerary information is starting to come in now and calls are starting to go out. Please visit this website frequently to see new updated camp information.

Travel Information


Camps Table 2


There will also be a supply night happening on June 28th, 2017 from 7:15 pm – 9:00 pm


2Lt Farid

Young Eagle Volunteers – Thank you!

The following message was shared with OCdt Podesta for Saturday’s volunteers:

A huge thank you all the volunteers who came to the airport yesterday to help at the Young Eagles Rally!  We flew almost 200 boys and girls!

The weather cooperated! The rain started just as we whisked the canopy off the second tent!

I received many thank yous from parents and kids at the event and then last night I received this wonderful email:

Dear Lesley,

I would like to send a heart felt thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who made it possible for my Grandson Ronnie to take part in the Young Eagles Flight today. It was his first time in a plane and he enjoyed every second of the experience. Pilot Jamie did an amazing job giving the 3 boys an experience they will always remember. Thank you to everyone for giving their time and planes to make this wonderful experience take place for so many children.

Susan B.

We could not put it better ourselves,
Lesley and Jeff

Blackdown Travel Orders

Hi everyone, a heads up that Blackdown travel orders are in for the following camps:

  • BDCC
  • BFSC
  • BSC
  • FSIC
  • MB-IMC
  • PB-AMC
  • SIC
Cadets are expected to depart on Saturday 8 July from Landmark Theater Complex 75 Consumers Drive Whitby.  Cadets should plan on being there before the bus at 11am in uniform – summer dress – ready for travel.  If you have a parka, as mentioned by 2LT Farid at the meeting, plan to pack it as well as other kit items.

Summer Camps; Joining Instructions

Thank You to those parents who were able to come out to our Summer Training Parent Info Night on June 14th.

To all parents whose cadets are going to a summer camp, here are the joining instructions for all the training centers.  These joining instructions have all the relevant information on camps for parents to use and contains important information like training center contact information, visitation, graduation parade and much more. Please take a look through the joining instructions.

Blackdown 2017 Joining Instructions

Connaught 2017 Joining Instructions

Trenton 2017 Joining Instructions

Travel itineraries are starting to come in.  Remember to bring the following documents/items with you on your day of departure:

  1. Health Card
  2. Kit
  3. Travel Form (Annex E for the Joining Instructions) – this will indicate how your child will be returning home
  4. Offer of Participation (Officer on site will have this)
  5. Allergy forms
    • one form to fill out indicating your aware of your child’s allergy and consent their departure to camp
    • a second form that gives permission to any Canadian Cadet Organization Officer to use your child’s epi pen if needed in an emergency situation Officer on site will have these forms and must be filled out before departing on the bus.

Please continue to check the squadron website for more information on travel and other camp inquires.


2Lt Farid