I’m very proud of all our teams and their leaders.  Competition was very stiff this year and I know our cadets did their best so while no trophies were brought home, I’m sure our whole Squadron will want to join with me in declaring all those who competed as being winners.  We received very positive feedback on the performances of both the Drill Team and the Band and were given a few pointers to work on for next year.

  • Our Military Band placed 4th out of 11 bands competing

  • Our Drum Major placed 3rd out of 11 drum majors competing

  • Our Drill Team Without Arms placed 8th out of 16 teams competing

  • Our Drill Team Captain placed 9th out of 16 competing.

Again, my sincere congratulations to all who took part in these competitions.  I am looking forward to hearing from our Effective Speaking and Debate representatives competing this weekend.  This will complete our 2016 training year competitions and I look forward to then focusing on preparations for our Annual Ceremonial Review on Saturday 3 June.

Major Garry Burns
Commanding Officer
2 VandenBos Whitby Squadron
Royal Canadian Air Cadets

Air Cadet League Scholarships – April 1 deadline

The Air Cadet League of Canada offering three post-secondary education scholarship awards to Royal Canadian Air Cadets. They are the Young Citizen Foundation Scholarship, the Birchall Scholarship and the Dale Scholarship.  These are entrance scholarships which will be granted to a deserving cadet entering any community college, cegep or university in Canada for post-secondary studies.

Applicants are required to complete the ACC64 application form online, and submit it in digital form (PDF), along with supporting documentation to the Air Cadet League of Canada, at: leaguehq@aircadetleague.com. The email should be titled beginning with your name and National Education Scholarships such as: Fred Jones National Education Scholarships.  Application ACC64 – English  Application ACC64 – French

Important Note:  OCdt Paul Podesta will be your point of contact if you have questions or are looking for a letter of reference.  Requests for a letter of reference must be received by March 9 to allow the necessary time to meet the April 1 deadline.

These scholarships have no restrictions as to the field of study.  For the academic component, the evaluation focus will be on the following subjects:  (a) Languages; (b) Mathematics; (c) Physical Sciences; and (d) Social Sciences.  It is important that the most recent report card or transcript include these courses.

Additional Information on the scholarships and the application forms may be found on the League’s National website (http://aircadetleague.com/for-cadets-squadrons/awards/scholarships/).



I registered our Squadron as a Duke of Edinburgh Award participating organization last week and followed up with a meeting of eligible cadets Friday night at the end of our regular parade night.  It’s a super program open to 14 to 25 year olds.  Rather than trying to describe this, if you’re remotely or totally interested please check the following website:  http://www.dukeofed.org

For those who already know you want to get going, our Squadron can be found by looking under Eastern Ontario (not Central Ontario).  Remember, if you’re under 18 your parents need to be involved as there is a $31.00 registration fee which must be paid as part of the registration process.

If you need any info you can’t find on the website, please send me a note or just ask when we see one another around the unit.

The wonderful thing about this independent Award program is that it will not require you to do much more work above and beyond what you already do in air cadets.  I encourage all of my cadets aged 14 and older and my staff aged 25 and younger to take part.

Major Garry Burns
DofE Award Leader

Some Sad News

Last weekend the younger sister of Officer Cadet Victoria Davidson passed away.  It’s tragic when anyone young passes and I know everyone associated with our Squadron feel deep sympathy for Victoria and her family in their time of loss.

Please respect the family’s need for some privacy.  There will be a memorial service in mid January which all Squadron personnel are welcome to attend.


Rest In Peace Violet Davidson.

 With Respect and Sympathy,

Garry Burns
Commanding Officer
2 VandenBos Whitby Squadron
Royal Canadian Air Cadets

Cadet Activities – Parents please read.

As the holiday season approaches, it seems prudent to me as Commanding Officer to make sure that we all know what is and is not a cadet activity.  This time of year is well known for ‘informal’ gatherings that are not cadet activities but that often have teens who happen to be cadets attending.

In brief, to be an authorized activity it must be approved by me – there are several things I consider before allowing an activity but I won’t bore you with those details – and must be supervised by an officer (or CI while being paid).  CVs may assist in running authorized activities but will never be in charge without an officer present.  We publish all activities on the website.

Sometimes a bunch of teens who know one another through cadets may get together to go the cinemas, or just visit at one anothers’ homes.  These are not cadet activities and will not necessarily have an adult chaperone.  Even if there is a chaperone there is no guarantee that the adult has been through a screening process to supervise youth.

I’m past the having teens in cadets stage, but I do have three grandkids in cadets (1 army cadet and 2 air cadets) and if they were living with me and they said something like: “We’re having a boot shining party at Sergeant Bloggins’ house” my antennae would be on high alert that the operative word is PARTY.  There’s no way that this would be an approved activity (it’s at the home of another cadet – we simply don’t allow that).  Of course, you’re free as a parent to say it’s ok for your son or daughter to attend but please know this has nothing to do with our Squadron.

On that same point, feel free to ask your son or daughter who the adult staff member in charge will be.  I want our members to have a great time enjoying their teenager years as I did but I want to be absolutely certain that parents understand what constitutes a cadet versus non-cadet activity.  Feel free to discuss this matter with me or any of my officers if you have any questions.

Major Garry Burns