Reminders …

Hi everyone,  a couple of reminders …

  • New website: is the new website address is where all instructing, activity sign ups, tagging, event details, dress, standards, is all available.  Any problems locating anything, or if you do not have your log in information, please contact CI Wityszyn at


  • New Recruits:  For the new recruits, thanks for contacting or visiting us.  The meeting this week is on Thursday, Sept. 21 at Enterprise Airlines at 1190 Keith Ross Drive from 6:30pm-9:30pm.  There may have been confusion at the new recruit evening so want to make sure this is clear.  Any questions, you can contact 2Lt Davidson at

Thank you!




Training Details for Sept. 15

Hi everyone,  it was great to see so many of you out on Friday evening for the 1st night back.  Many thanks to the staff and volunteers that made it an actioned packed evening.

Please spend time to log on and become familiar with the new website at that will be the keeper of all important information.  The regular weekly emails you may have been used to last year will continue only for a couple more weeks … to give everyone a chance to get logged on and familiar with the new site.

Cadets,  if you are having any challenges or do not have your log on info., please email and she’s happy to help.

Parents, ask your cadet for your login information.  If they attended on Friday they should have it for you.  Your also welcome to contact CI Wityszyn for any questions.

Cadet Website Introduction – Quick reference.

Details for this week’s training:

Location:  Donald A. Wilson, 681 Rossland Road West, Whitby
Time:  1830-2130 hours
Dress:  C-2 (tunic and tie)
Kit Required:  Health card, pen/pencil/paper

Additional Information:

  • Cadet and staff photos will be taken for our website site.
  • Recruit Intake/Information Night
  • Duty schedule will be sent to senior cadets

Website Sign Ups:

Don’t forget to sign up on our Sqn’s website for:

  1. Supply Exchange – 13 Sep – Grown over the summer – need your uniform replaced – online sign-up closes 11 Sep 17
  2. Competition Air Rifle Team Phase 1 Try-Outs – 16 Sep 17 – online sign-up closes 10 Sep 17 (today)
  3. Senior NCO Course (for Sergeants and Above) – 15 and 22 Oct 17 – online sign-up closes 15 Sep 17
  4. Our FIRST Inter-Flight Competition – Represent your flight at the Survival Skills Challenge – 21 Oct 17

Getting ready for Sept. 8th!

Hi everyone,  for the 1st night back on September 8th, please be sure to bring the following:
  1. health card,
  2. backpack,
  3. any uniform part that requires exchange – cleaned,
  4. pencil/pen and paper, and
  5. your own personal email address.

For members of the Squadron’s Band, we request the parents arrive at 2030 hours in order to sign out band equipment.

  • Event timing:  1830-2130 hours
  • Dress:  Appropriate civilian attire
  • Location:  Enterprise Air, 1190 Keith Ross Drive, Oshawa
Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

A look ahead for September!

Back to Cadets
Welcome back Cadets!  We hope you’re looking forward to being back as much as we’re looking forward to seeing you.  It`s a quick start in September with a lot planned so we wanted to make you aware of key dates to hold on your calendar.

Those marked ALL are important for everyone to attend.  Details will be provided closer but this is to help get you started with your planning!

  • Sept. 5:    Snowbird Flypast at Capt. Michael VandenBos P.S. for those signed up.  See your memo for details.  Thank you!
  • Sept. 6:    Level 4 & Level 5 planning meeting at the Hangar from 7pm – 9pm.
  • Sept. 8:    ALL cadets to meet at the Hangar for a busy first night, including a Welcome back BBQ.  6:45pm-9:30pm.
  • Sept. 9:    Brooklin Harvest for those signed up.  Details in memo.  Thank you!
  • Sept. 12:  Band gets started tonight!  7:00pm start at the Hangar.
  • Sept. 14:  Darts (new) is starting.  Stay tuned.
  • Sept. 15:  ALL to attend First full training night (6:45pm start) and new Recruit Information Night (7pm start) at Donald A. Wilson.
  • Sept. 16:  Air Rifle Team Training and Session 1 Try outs.  More to follow!
  • Sept. 17:  ALL to attend Battle of Britain parade at the 420 Wing.
  • Sept. 18:  Ground school & Effective Speaking start.
  • Sept. 19:  Air Rifle and Band practices continue.
  • Sept. 21:  ALL Regular training – at the Hangar this week!  (L2 & L4 tagging)
  • Sept. 22-24:  ALL Fall Tagging Weekend!!  Everyone to sign up for min. shifts.
  • Sept. 25:  Ground school and Effective Speaking are underway.
  • Sept. 26:  Air Rifle and Band in progress.
  • Sept. 27:  Drill team starts!
  • Sept. 28:  Darts team
  • Sept. 29:  ALL for General Training Night
See you soon!

Young Eagle Volunteers – Thank you!

The following message was shared with OCdt Podesta for Saturday’s volunteers:

A huge thank you all the volunteers who came to the airport yesterday to help at the Young Eagles Rally!  We flew almost 200 boys and girls!

The weather cooperated! The rain started just as we whisked the canopy off the second tent!

I received many thank yous from parents and kids at the event and then last night I received this wonderful email:

Dear Lesley,

I would like to send a heart felt thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who made it possible for my Grandson Ronnie to take part in the Young Eagles Flight today. It was his first time in a plane and he enjoyed every second of the experience. Pilot Jamie did an amazing job giving the 3 boys an experience they will always remember. Thank you to everyone for giving their time and planes to make this wonderful experience take place for so many children.

Susan B.

We could not put it better ourselves,
Lesley and Jeff

Blackdown Travel Orders

Hi everyone, a heads up that Blackdown travel orders are in for the following camps:

  • BDCC
  • BFSC
  • BSC
  • FSIC
  • MB-IMC
  • PB-AMC
  • SIC
Cadets are expected to depart on Saturday 8 July from Landmark Theater Complex 75 Consumers Drive Whitby.  Cadets should plan on being there before the bus at 11am in uniform – summer dress – ready for travel.  If you have a parka, as mentioned by 2LT Farid at the meeting, plan to pack it as well as other kit items.