Summer Training

Summer training of Air Cadets takes place at one of over a dozen summer training centres (STC) across the country during the months of July and August. To be eligible for summer training, you must have joined the Squadron prior to December 31 of the training year.

Please read the Summer Training – “Need to Know Information” Sheet before considering applying for camp, then proceed with the process as written below.


Application Process

If you’re interested in applying for camp, the Summer Camp Worksheet (link below) must be completed & returned to the squadron. Please review the Summer Training Courses & Summary documents (under Summer Training information below) and select your desired courses based on your qualifications and interests.

2016 Summer Training Information Pamphlet

Once your form is completed and returned, they will be reviewed and inputted into our administration system, FORTRESS. Parents and Cadets will be asked to sign the completed application.

It is important to note cadets are prioritized for courses at the squadron level based on a number of factors, including attendance at regular training nights, optional activities, Snowbird points and getting the form in on time. Those with poor attendance and few Snowbird points should not anticipate a high priority ranking against those cadets that did participate.

The applications are then sent into Trenton Detachment by mid January 2015.

Notification of camp selections is not usually known until Late April to Early May.

National Course Application Process

  1. The same process will be followed as described above.
  2. In Addition, cadets that apply and qualify for the advanced courses will require additional information. Based on the courses requested, cadets will need to complete other pre-qualifications (e.g, Flying Scholarship course for Glider/Power). A information night will be held in November for any cadet looking to apply for these courses.
  3. The Applications for National Courses must be sent into the Air Cadet League Office in Toronto by December 12, 2014.

Any Cadet that is applying for Glider or Power and hasn’t received a Medical must book this with a certified transport Canada medical examiner. See the web-link below to find the nearest examiner to you. This should be scheduled in December for a Mid March exam. The medical certificate must be received by the Air Cadet League by June 1.

Transport Canada – Medical Examiner Search Page

Summer Training Contacts

OCdt Farid
Major Ian Howie

National Course Information

2016 National Course Handbook for Cadets v2


Staff Cadet Application Form

Prior to leaving for Summer Training

  1. Complete the Cadet Transportation Form, this is your ticket to get on the bus.
  2. Look for updates on when/where your Bus will leave.
  3. Pick up your Summer Cadet Kit
  4. Review the Kit List, only pack what it says
  5. Ensure that any updates to Personal Information have been given to the Summer Training Coordinator

Summer Training Joining Instructions

See the following links for CSTC Specific Kit Lists:

Blackdown CSTC
Connaught CTSC
Trenton CSTC

IMPORTANT:   Please read your CSTC Specific Kit List closely (especially DCIC candidates).

KIT BAGS:  Please make sure your name and squadron is clearly marked on your kit bag.

Please use common sense as well (even thought it does not say insect repellant for Blackdown, it is highly recommend that it is packed for any Survival course).

Pack as many Dark Blue T-shirts as you have, they are worn every day (even under combats issued at Blackdown).

Under “Shorts, athletic”, it states to purchase, that is for you to do before you leave, they are not available to purchase at the CSTC.  It is recommend mid thigh length or they may be confiscated (if they are too short).  Your previously issued grey PT shorts are still applicable during summer training under this kit list item if you wish to take them.  Same above applies for “Shoes, athletic”

LAUNDRY SERVICE: is provided free of charge in Trenton and Connaught.   Blackdown Cadets have to wash their own clothes (start training now).

WATER BOTTLES: are not required for Blackdown and Connaught since these are Army Cadet Camps so all cadets are issued Combat Clothes, Belts and Canteens.

BE WARNED:  Anything not on the KIT LIST may be confiscated upon arrival and not returned to you until the night before graduation.

Forms to print and bring with you

Appendix 1 – Kit List
Appendix 2 – Personal Articles Log
Appendix 3 – Transportation Form
Appendix 4 – Smoking Consent
Appendix 5 – Leave Consent and Parental Direction
Appendix 6 – Rules of Conduct – Course Cadets
Appendix 7 – Over-the-counter and Prescribed Medication